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Learn to make your own hypertufa planters!
Sign up today for a class at Specialty Growers
in Howell, MI June 30, 2012.

Group making hypertufa in 2008.

Get all of the tips and tricks you need to make a great addition to your garden-and have fun doing it!

2009 Class at Specialty Growers

What you need for class:

Wear old clothes and shoes-something that might be worn for painting or furniture refinishing.

Bring sturdy, waterproof rubber gloves.

Bring something to use as a mold. It can be a plastic flower pot, sturdy cardboard box, disposable aluminum roasting pan, bucket or plastic bin.

2009 Class at Specialty Growers

Beginner classes last two hours and cost $40 per person. A minimum number of students is required and that number is based on how far we have to travel. Contact us with your location and we'll let you know the minimum for your location.

We also offer advanced classes for those with hypertufa experience interested in going beyond basic planters.

Gather a group of gardening friends and Glenda will come to your location with all of the ingredients. She's had 10 years experience making hypertufa garden art and even more years of experience training people in new skills.

Examples of planters made during the 2008 class.

We offer classes every summer at Specialty Growers in Howell, Michigan. They are listed on our Events page but you'll need to contact Specialty Growers to register.

For other classes, we'll travel to your location-your yard, a community center, a garden center-any place interested in sponsoring a class.

2009 Class at Specialty Growers

We'll bring the Portland cement, peat moss, perlite and vermiculite used to make hypertufa. We'll also bring dust masks, tables, mixing containers, water containers, plastic to line the molds and drop cloths. We will need a water source-about a gallon for each student. 
Each student will take their planter with them after class and will receive a handout for finishing the piece the next day.

2009 Class at Specialty Growers