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Always wanted to try making something from hypertufa? Our hypertufa kit makes it easy.
Special! Buy one, get half off a second kit. Get one for yourself, one for a friend.
Fall is a great time to DIY with hypertufa!
  • It's convenient - all of the ingredients are included, except the water!
  • It's foolproof- the kit comes with complete, detailed instructions with lots of photos.
  • It's versatile - we show you how to get a variety of looks for your finished piece.
  • It is, simply, the easiest way to start making hypertufa!

We learned the basics of making hypertufa from Joyce Fingerut's book about 10 years ago. Since then, many more sources of information have become available, especially on the internet. And we love it! We think hypertufa is a terrific medium-the possibilities are endless. The more info out there about hypertufa, the better!

But, what if you aren't quite up to buying that 94lb bag of Portland cement, a bale of peat moss and whatever else your recipe requires. That's a pretty big commitment.

Talking with people at garden events over the years, we've heard it over and over: "I've always wanted to try that!"

Now you can - without any of the hassle!

Hypertufa Kit



Our hypertufa kit includes:
  • One-gallon bag of Portland cement.
  • A separate bag with peat moss, perlite, a little sand and poly fibers premixed in the right proportions.
  • Step-by-step instructions with photos galore.
  • A mold (the box the kit ships in) with foam you can use to build "feet" into your planter.

Our hypertufa kit will make one planter, 12" long by 9" wide by 7" tall. You can choose from several different finishes, including a planter with "feet."

Or, use your own mold. It can be an old bowl, plastic planter, a different box - just so the volume of your container is about the same as the shipping box.

What else you'll need:

  • A mixing container.
  • Sturdy rubber gloves.
  • Dust mask.


Two of the styles you can create with the kit. Or, use your own container for a mold for a different look.

Ready to try making hypertufa yourself?

Order your hypertufa kit now!

Just $39.99 - and shipping is free!!*

Buy one, get one half off!

Just $59.98 - and shipping is still free!!*

*Free shipping to the 48 contiguous states. We do not ship out of the US or to Alaska or Hawaii.